There are Num6ers of reasons why businesses fail:

Atlanta Business Consulting

  • Insufficient capital
  • Poor business planning
  • Lack of experience managing the diverse facets of the business
  • Limited viability of product or services
  • Inability to market products or services

Do you know where to turn for expert advice or support when you need it?

When you operate with the Num6ers Group™, you have access to the high-level knowledge, experience and support network that we have spent years accumulating.

Our Business Advisory Service adds the value of experience to your business, with client-focused advisory programs designed to help you where you need it most.

We can assist you in creating a strategic plan, acquiring more business, surveying business practices for efficiencies, implementing technologies, establishing sales and marketing plans, and everything in between.

Think of us as your “Board of Advisors,” providing valuable services and increasing your network while you are handling your business.